Great American Ball Park

This is basically a stadium where the viewers can love to watch the game of baseball. Apart from that, this is a home for the oldest team of baseball players. The stadium is famous for the fun-loving atmosphere as well as for the great views from the front seats. The officials have maintained a cleanliness of the restrooms as well as they allow the visitors to carry the water cooler as well as light snacks to enjoy during the match.

Kings Island:

This is another center of attraction for the tourist who comes to visit the place. It has got a large number of amusements available for the people coming from around the globe. The amusement spread across the wide area claims to have a replica of the Eiffel tower. The Diamondback is the main attraction of the Kings Island; it is 230 feet tall, 80mph coaster with 10 vertical drops. Apart from this, it has Planet Snoopy, with a Peanuts-themed ride.

The Dinner Train:

Everyone loves to travel but the thing is if the travelling is combined with the delicious food then the tour becomes memorable. This is one of the unique ways to dine on the train and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are three vintage compartments that are completely furnished and handle up to 132 diners at a time.

These are some of the things that can be done on tour to Cincinnati. This is one of the places which can be visited once with your loved ones and make your holiday memorable.